CWDI Acquires Hospital Property
Press Release / January 13, 2022

CAMBRIDGE, Md. On January 13, 2022, Cambridge Waterfront Development, Inc. (CWDI) acquired the former Dorchester General Hospital property, including the 17.2 acres of land, the decommissioned hospital, and three medical office buildings. The land encompasses nearly half of the CWDI’s eventual development area. “This has been in the works for a long time,” says Frank Narr, CWDI’s Secretary / Treasurer. “Once we learned that University of Maryland planned to build a new free-standing medical facility on Route 50 and leave the waterfront, CWDI immediately began it’s efforts to regain local control of the property.”

In the next few months, and after the County and State Departments of Health finish using the site for Covid testing, the two primary hospital buildings will be demolished. “Hospitals are designed and constructed for a very specific use,” says Matt Leonard, CWDI’s Executive Director. “It just isn’t possible to renovate them to a significantly different purpose, especially purposes that align with the future development of this site.” The two medical office buildings on Byrn Street will be retained, with one becoming CWDI’s new office location. “Being on site is the best way for CWDI to manage, develop and market the site.”

Possible development on the site includes hospitality, food and beverage, mixed-use commercial/retail and residential. “We’ll have a better handle on the best uses once we receive final public comment,” says Jeff Powell, CWDI’s Vice President. “But without question, a significant portion of the site will be dedicated to public access and enjoyment near and along the waterfront.” Current concept plans include such public amenities as a promenade with walking and biking trails; greenspace for recreation, events and entertainment; continued unrestricted access for the boat ramp; and a beach for swimming.

CWDI is also working with its property neighbors and local businesses to coordinate its plans and vision. Early in its development process, CWDI will dedicate resources to improve the public use areas so that the residents of Cambridge and Dorchester County can enjoy this most important community asset. CWDI will also focus on the public infrastructure (streets, utilities, sidewalks) to make the site most attractive to the investors and developers needed to build out the rest of the project.

“We fully intend to honor the public aspect of our mission, respect the heritage uses of the waterfront, and attract new partners to make the Cambridge waterfront a world class space for our citizens, business partners and visitors,” adds Rich Zeidman, CWDI’s President. “Acquiring the hospital property is a giant step forward in our mission.”

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