Cambridge Harbor Street Name Survey
Press Release / May 18, 2023

CWDI believes in making community-informed decisions for Cambridge Harbor.

Cambridge Waterfront Development, Inc. (CWDI) wants your help naming another aspect of the waterfront development, similar to your help in naming our overall site, Cambridge Harbor around this time last year.

CWDI has issued a survey for you – our stakeholder community – to once again provide input on one of the new elements at Cambridge Harbor.

The masterplan designs call for a new roadway to be added to the existing street grid at Cambridge Harbor. This new roadway, which will front the new 2.5-acre waterfront park, can be closed to vehicles for special events and festivals that will take place at Cambridge Harbor. It will be flush with the park and blend seamlessly into it as a plaza between the park and the new mixed-use developments.

As more elements come online we’ll continue to look to you our stakeholders for input. But today we want to hear your thoughts on what theme or narrative we should use to develop naming options for the proposed roadway. Below you will find a series of images and questions to uncover our new street’s name.

The Cambridge Harbor Street Naming Survey has come to a close.

Thank you for participating in the development of Cambridge Harbor. We will evaluate all responses and then, later this summer, we’ll ask you out to Cambridge Harbor for the final in-person presentation, opportunity to vote for a new road name, and real-time announcement of your final choice.

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