Surveying The Community
Press Release / February 24, 2021

Amid the COVID19 pandemic, CWDI in collaboration with BCT Design Group (BCT) prepared a Virtual Community Presentation and associated survey that were hosted on a webpage for a period of 6 weeks, between December 2020 – January 2021. During that time, nearly 1,500 individual online form responses were received. The community’s responses across five (5) “Site Planning” Topics were compiled and reviewed for consideration moving forward to develop guidelines for an appropriate Master Planning Vision and features for the project site.

The Digital survey allowed members of the Cambridge community to respond anonymously and at their own pace. As a result, answers received were honest and open, without the pressure of outside influence from other members of the community.

At the end of the 30-day period, survey responses were aggregated, analyzed and compiled into a report. This report, prepared by BCT’s graphics team, was then reviewed by CWDI and shared publicly to demonstrate the planning process and overall transparency between CWDI and the community.

The responses from the survey helped CWDI to develop guidelines for an appropriate Master Planning vision and features for the project site. The format for most of the Topic questions within the survey reflected the following:

• “Response Analysis” – a general overview / summary of responses for that question

• “Key Takeaways” – prevalent ideas & themes from the responses

• “Community Ideas & Thoughts” – sample respondent comments from the open-ended questions

that depict representative, popular, and often recurring responses within “Key Takeaways”

• Some questions include infographics to create a more visual understanding of the responses.

The following are an example of a few key takeaways from the survey:

CWDI appreciated the community’s interest in this important effort for the Cambridge area and requested that the community continue to be involved as planning visions & ideas are publicly presented for comment and further refinement.

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