Cambridge Harbor Masterplan Plan Revised
Press Release / June 10, 2022

On June 7, 2022 Cambridge Waterfront Development, Inc. (CWDI) presented an updated site plan for Cambridge Harbor and a project status update to the City of Cambridge Planning Commission. The updated Cambridge Harbor site plan is the result of the latest round of public comments. CWDI, owner of the Cambridge Harbor Site and tasked with its development and management, issued a call for public comment on April 8, 2022. The ensuing 30-day public input period was managed by BCT Design Group (BCT) through an open access website and included an eight-question survey and an anonymous and confidential comments section.

“We wanted people to feel free to express themselves,” says Matt Leonard, CWDI’s Executive Director. “We are very pleased with the responses and the constructive comments provided. Our mission statement commits us, in part, ‘to develop Cambridge Harbor in partnership with the community.’ The public comment period was in service to that commitment.”

In all, 561 people logged on to the survey, reviewed the information, illustrations and images provided about the site plan, and answered the survey questions. Survey question results are as follows:

Beyond the survey questions, CWDI analyzed and grouped the written comments provided by about half of the respondents. CWDI found the most often made suggestions were as follows:

Based on all of the input received, the updated site plan has changed only slightly from the previous site plan, and now appears as follows:

Key components of this update site plan include: Public Greens & Gateways; Greenspace Activation; Champion Elm Tree Park; Performance Venue(s); Boat Ramp & Parking; Connectivity to the Community; Parcels A1 and A2: Hospitality and Food & Beverage; Parcels B-F: Mixed-Use; Maintain Working Waterfront and Maritime Heritage.

Completion of the latest site plan and a separate site branding effort will be incorporated into a Request for Proposal (RFP) to be issued by CWDI this month.

Network Realty Partners (Network) is CWDI’s development consultant guiding CWDI into and through the RFP process.

“These parallel processes of receiving public input on the proposed master plan, determining the final site layout and embarking on the initial planning stages for vertical development, has put Cambridge Harbor on the threshold of real change as we prepare to release the RFP” says Ed Johnson, Partner with Network. “CWDI and the community have come together well to get the development to this critical point.”

The RFP will be open for 120 days, allowing time for interested investors and developers to propose their best plans. “We’re looking for developers with a proven history of success,” says Matt Leonard. “They have to show that they have the wherewithal to move Cambridge Harbor forward in a timely way and in line with the plans we’ve developed with the community. We’re looking for the best partners.”

CWDI will evaluate the proposals received throughout the proposal period and during the final quarter of 2022, during which the demolition of the existing buildings will be accomplished. In early 2023, CWDI will announce the developers with which they are partnering on the various parcels and plans for each.

For more information about Cambridge Harbor, CWDI, or the RFP please contact Matt Leonard at

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